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The HOME STAGING proprietary course ensures acquiring proper qualifications in the profession of HOME STAGER. The course guarantees a high level of teaching provided by professional staff experienced in conducting HOME STAGING trainings. In accordance with our beliefs /**the idea of ​​our company**/ in learning through practice, our classes are complemented with workshops so that one can fully use the acquired knowledge. During the course, we teach what Home Staging is and how to create stylistically consistent interiors which will be ready for fast and profitable sale with the smallest spending budget. HOME STAGING course participants are helped to explore secrets of arranging and decorating interiors.

We are a company offering a training program focused on transferring as much practical knowledge as possible. All training days are filled with workshops so that students can practice what they have learnt.

Our program has been divided into the following chapters:

Home Staging key assumptions - Students are introduced to basic knowledge of Home Staging in this training part. We go through all the secrets of real estate sale preparation together with learning interior design techniques that facilitate fast and profitable sale. Students learn the skills of applying colors and color tricks in order to be able to design consistent interior color schemes. We teach how to discover strengths and weaknesses of an estate. We explain how to prepare moodboards and how to use them together with exploring marketing strategies supporting real estate sale process.

Home Staging from contract’s collection to its implementation - Students learn practical aspects of home staging which will allow them to independently carry out home staging tasks from start to finish. The special focus is put on important aspects of estates’ metamorphosis. Students start using key tools at Home Stager's work, gain knowledge on conducting real estate diagnosis and managing home staging projects.

Home Staging workshops - This part is divided into two days of workshops focused on practical classes. Participants consolidate their knowledge in stylization, colors and color arrangements. The workshops are conducted under the guidance of Home Staging practitioners who provide participants with feedbacks on ongoing basis.

Law in Home Staging - This part is conducted by lawyers who cover the most important topics related to setting up and running own business. The goal of lecturers is to bring participants closer to topics of own company’s creation, cooperation with the client as well as Home Stager profession. This part is planned to adapt to the needs and interests of course participants.

Coaching For Home Stager - this lecture is targeted to support participants in discovering their individual potential, self-motivation and strengthen their self-esteem in Home Stager profession. Thanks to the cooperation with a coach, participants’ creativity is stimulated so new soft skills are developed. Students learn how to set goals and priorities, manage time and communicate effectively to their teams and customers. We provide professional support in own business beginnings, which will help in creation of a personal Home Stager brand. Your confidence will grow, in turn, your dreams will come true.

Home Staging Course Bristol 28-30.09.2019

SPECIAL OFFER PRICE: - £ 660.00 (3140 PLN)

Usual Price: £ 740.00 (3490 PLN)

Autumn Term: Saturday 28 September - Monday 30 September 2019 (10.00-18.30)

Location: : Holiday Inn Bristol Filton, Filton Road, Hambrook, Bristol, BS16 1QX
Time: 10.00 - 18.30 (on the second day of training until 19.00) lunch and coffee breaks included (26 h)

All materials for this course are included in the course fee.

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